July 14 Refutation of Carbon Dating

For those interested in the scientific argument for Creation and the Great Flood, the best source is Dr. Walt Brown Phd. from MIT, in “In the Beginning, Scientific Evidence for Creation and the Flood.”

Most of the English translations of Genesis, known in Hebrew as Beresheet, are childish and have a fairy tale quality. The problem is not the complex original Hebrew text with word play and alliteration, but horrible English translations that render Beresheet ridiculous. If one loses faith in Beresheet, they will lose faith in everything else. Go to the Bible Gateway online and choose Douay-Rheims 1899 American edition.

The two versions of Beresheet should not be problematic. The first Creation account is from the vantage point of God. The second Creation account is from the vantage point of Adam. The best approach to Genesis is the approach of Dr. Gerry Matatics of Scranton, PA. Point A- The Bible is the Word of God. Point B- God is not a liar and is all powerful, capable of anything. If Point A and B are accepted, there is no need to get tangled in the weeds of various scientific theories.

Other points.
Never use the word “story,” which has fictional overtones. Use the word “narrative”
Never refer to “creationism” which has deeply negative connotations. Use the term “creation.”

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