May 31 Ratko Mladic arrives at the Hague by blue helicopter

The Dutch De Telegraaf has a front page photo of the blue helicopter that was used to fly General Ratko Mladic to Rotterdam / The Hague airport. The helicopter was used after a Republic of Serbia jet landed at Rotterdam Airport. Fox Sky News lies. It said the Serbs wish to be part of the sinking ship EU. The Serb Radical Party does not. Fox Sky News repeated the lie that Mladic’s daughter committed suicide after reading about her father’s alleged crimes. Ratko Mladic is confident she was “suicided.” NYT reporter Thomas Freidman wrote about how the Druze in Lebanon decaptitated their own dead soldiers to blame it on the Christians. How many of the Bosnian Muslim deaths were soldier battlefield deaths? We do not know.

Who has killed more Muslims? Ratko Mladic or George W. Bush?

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One Response to May 31 Ratko Mladic arrives at the Hague by blue helicopter

  1. Patchman123 says:

    SRS are staunch nationalists that want to see Serbia indepedent of the the fascists in the EU who stole Kosovo from them in 1999. The sacred heartland of Serbia with many religious sites and artifacts dating back from 1,400 years ago. Their Mecca, their Jerusalem is Kosovo, with among the most sacred sites in Christendom. Serbia should STAY THE HELL out of the EU if that dickhead Tadic had any sense at all. He doesn’t. He is a Bill Clinton wannabe. There’s nothing much more than that. Tadic is just a poor imitation of Bill Clinton. Just ask anyone in Serbia. SERBIA DO NOT ENTER THE EU AND COMMIT SUICIDE AND HAVE YOUR BELOVED AND SACRED COUNTRY DESTROYED BY THE EUROPEAN UNION LIKE THE OTHER COUNTRIES HAVE BEEN! SERBIA DO NOT ENTER EU! SERBIA WILL Live long. Keep Serbia out! Long live Serbia!

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