Partial Preterism

The E.U. is saying Poland’s abortion laws are not liberal enough. Who used their perceived gravitas to talk Poland into joining the EU? the late Karol Wojyta. The UN pushes abortion, sterilization and contraception worldwide. Who promoted the U.N. as the last hope of mankind? Anti-Pope Paul 6 (PP6).
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Partial preterism holds that most of the events in Revelation relate to the Fall of Jerusalem in 70 AD. The woman mentioned in the Apocalypse who will crush the head of the serpent is Our Lady of Fatima, Portugal. Uneducated Christian zionists find significance in the founding of the secular state of Israel in 1948. John Hagee style Cornerstone Church heresy in San Antonio, Texas is foolish. Any Orthodox Rabbi can tell you Israel was founded by Polish and Russian agnostic socialists. In addition, the identification of who is Israel changes at the crucifixion, if you claim to be Christian. The secular state of Israel is not the Biblical Israel.

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