“Christians to Beirut, Alawites to the Coffin” The Deraa’ game?

The above title is an oft heard slogan used in Syria, reported by Patrick Buchanan and others. Can someone get Joe Lieberman and John McCain to shut up? Lieberman is the world’s only pro-partial birth abortion Orthodox Jew and McCain left his first wife, who waited 4 years for him in a POW Camp. They have zero moral authority. We have no “AIPAC for Christians”, because half of the so-called Christians are total idiots, who believe the founding of the secular zionist state of Israel in 1948 has someone biblical significance. Let me quote the great Sicilian Pope Gregory the Great, courtesy of Brothers Michael and Peter Dimond “If you be Christ’s then you are the seed of Abraham (Gal 3:29) If we because of our faith in Christ are deemed children of Abraham, the Jews therefore because of their perfidy (unbelief) have ceased to be his seed.”

The volk in the Alawite Mountains better fight like Maher and never mind the soft talk of Bashir, or it will be coffins for them. Who will be the Judah Maccabees of the Christians, Michel Aoun?

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