June 2 news – Mubarak and sons to stand trial on August 3

The AP has reported that Hosni Mubarak and sons will stand trial on August 3, 2011. The question of who is really running things is unknown. Wikileaks documents make it clear that General Tantawi lacks the brains to run Egypt. One of Mubarak’s last mistakes was undermining the strong stand of the Copts against divorce. The Copts need to accept the Council of Chalcedon, exit dangerous Alexandria and Cairo and relocate to the relative safe confines of the Sinai Peninsula. American Christian Zionists need to understand that the price of the Camp David Accords was the blood of Coptic Christians under Anwar Sadat.

“Let them have the buildings, we have the faith.” Saint Athanasius of Alexandria, Egypt.”

See youtube MHFM1 / Happy Ascension Thursday

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