July 18 America’s dangerous heretic ; Rob Bell

Christians from St.Ireneus of Antioch to Padre Pio have been unanimous on the reality of the eternity of Hell. The heretic date setter Harold Camping denies Hell. More dangerous is Rob Bell, who makes up the total fiction that people will get a second chance beyond the grave, because the eternity of Hell offends his sense of feminized humanism. Note to Rob Bell; the Triune God is sovereign and knows the hearts of all. Judgment is left to God, not Rob Bell. I once met a Episcopalian pseudo-priestess from North Carolina that was a fan of Rob Bell.

The best source on the subject is St. Leonard of Port Maurice’s sermon on the “Fewness of the Saved” which is available online. The musings of Karol Wojyta on universalism was also deadly for souls.

See MHFM1 on youtube.

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