Bilderberg protest at Suvretta House, St. Moritz, June 9-12

Either Daniel Estulin of Spain or Jim Tucker of the US will be the first to publish the secret list of Bilderberg attendees. It is likely President Obama will be in St. Moritz, Switzerland during the upcoming weekend. Texas Governor Rick Perry attended in the past. He is a faux good ole boy whose state ripped children from their mothers in the infamous FLDS raid. The Mormon cult is evil, but their women demonstrated naturalistic goodness and modesty and were more moral than the Texas authorities that kidnapped the children from their mothers in 2008.

Bilderberg was founded by Dutch Nazi fellow travelers. Queen Beatrice of the Netherlands has attended in the past. The mainstream American press will be totally mum. The Dutch press may cover it, as may the Ottawa Citizen in Canada. Cuba may cover it as well.

“The big papers and magazines of the United States are the most ignorant and gullible, as well as the most cowardly and controlled Press, printed in any country of the world.” (The Poison in America’s Cup p 31 ) Forward of Rev. Denis Fahey’s “The Mystical Body of Christ in the Modern World.” German language Basel newspaper Basler Zeitung is covering Bilderberg. RT is covering the Bilderberg conference as well. The Suvretta House is owned by the British South African Jewish family of Charles Sydney Goldman according to a website from Montenegro.

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