June 11, Croatia to join EU, The Unholy Roman Empire

Cardinal Stepanic of Croatia had one redeeming quality that is lacking in the Vatican II religion. Stepanic did not promote the error of religious indifferentism and acted in a way that suggested he believed in “extra eccelesium nulla salus.” Cardinal Stepanic comes up short in not speaking out against the Holocaust committed by the Ustashi of Ante Pavelic in cohorts with Adolph Hitler against the Serbian people.

Ratzinger at age 16 was not a beacon of heroic virtue during WWII. He is not a beacon of heroic virtue for his promotion of the upcoming religious indifferentism conference in Assisi. Ratzinger was suspected of heresy prior to Vatican II and showed up at Vatican II in a suit and tie, not clerical garb.

Trifkovic is correct, Stepanic was not a saint and exhibited “shades of grey.” The Hapsburg defended true Catholicism in the Holy Roman Empire. “Where Christ does not reign, Satan does.’ Archbishop Marcel Levebvre. Unfortunately, he was a heretic on “extra eccelesium nulla salus.”

see MHFM1 on youtube.

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