Mario Borghezio praises Norwegian/ Weyrich

Corriere Del Ticino, of the Italian-Swiss Canton of Ticino, is reporting the elderly Northern League MEP Mario Borghezio, an European Parliament member, was assaulted with a bloodied nose trying to enter the Bilderberg conference at St. Moritz. The security is a private firm of East Germans. The local police chief in St.Moritz says he supports the Bilderberg protesters.

The sane parts of the Norwegian shooters manifesto is plagiarized from the deceased Byzantine Melkite Catholic (Arab) rite switcher Paul Weyrich. It is intellectual in part, because the words are stolen.

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3 Responses to Mario Borghezio praises Norwegian/ Weyrich

  1. Jim says:

    Down with the NWO and these groups that want to control everyone.

  2. Brent440hz says:

    lol doesnt surprise with fat old trust fund babies!

  3. oneill says:

    Run them out of Switzerland

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