June 13, 2011 Veena Malik and naturalistic feminine modesty

Women who are Orthodox Jews, Mormons and Traditional Roman Catholics all observe the same basic rules of feminine modesty. Few in Pakistan are saying Veena Malik should wear a burka, but her immodest dress on Indian Bollywood television has scandalized traditional Pakistani society.

Our Lady of Fatima, whose apparition is honored on June 13, warned of fashions that would offend Christ the King being introduced by masonic influences in the fashion industry. The truth in this matter has been documented in a book by Colleen Hammond. The Hamas charter is wise to condemn masonic influences. Veena Malik citing her friendship with Playboy model Pamela Anderson, is not going to pacify Pakistani society and its norms of modesty based upon natural law.

The money that Veena Malik generated from her immodest dress needs to be balanced against the threat of Islamic retribution which to a degree is based upon natural law principles of modesty. It could be her 30 pieces of silver if she were to sadly meet the end of a Benazir Bhutto. The West should not be pushing the East to adopt its godless cultural norms. Islamic modesty is based upon Byzantine Catholic modesty of the Sixth Century. May Veena Malik awaken and realize she is playing with fire.

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