Pentecost Sunday, Come Holy Ghost, Creator Blest

Today is the birthday of the indefectible Holy Roman Catholic Church, not to be confused with the Vatican II sect of perverts and child molesters. The mission is to convert all of humankind, without exception. The True Church can never die, but it can be reduced to a remnant.

Water baptism and being free of mortal sin (Through confession, if necessary) are prerequisites of salvation. “Once saved always saved” is an unbiblical Americanist heresy.(See 1 Corinthians 9-27) The Bible says in Luke “All nations” shall call the Virgin Mary “Blessed.” Insults to the Mother of God are a sign of the reprobate.

Fatima, Portugal was the location of a Muslim Princess named Fatimah who converted to true Roman Catholicism.

Sainted Holy Ghost Fathers, orate pro nobis Deum.

see youtube MHFM1


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Modern Middle East sedevacantism
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