Bella Vita, Vita de Santo, St. Anthony of Padua feast day

Saint Anthony of Padua was the pride of his native Portugal and gained fame as a holy preacher in northeastern Italy after a shipwreck. It is said that because of his preaching, his tongue remained incorrupt. Saint Anthony of Padua was known as the “hammer of heretics”. He would be quite busy in the modern world.

It is no accident that the First Apparition of Our Lady of Fatima, Portugal occurred on the feast day of the most famous saint of Portuguese heritage.
The message of Fatima was to pray the rosary daily, make sacrifices and gave knowledge of a young girl being condemned to Hell for reading racy novels. The apparition also warned of coming fashions in clothes that would grieve Christ the King. Padre Pio refused to hear confessions from women in pants.

Yesterday’s election in Turkey will do nothing for the Christians of Cyprus who have seen their land under foreign Turkish Muslim domination as NATO and the US look the other way. The world focuses on the violent Palestine-Israel question, the non violence approach in Cyprus has lead to a lack of media attention.

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