Bachmann & WELS ( Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod)

There are three main varieties of Lutherans in America.

The largest is the ELCA, which is very liberal, except in the Dakotas. It supports abortion rights, female clergy and a non literal reading of the Bible.

The Lutheran Church- Missouri Synod grew out of German Lutherans who were persecuted during the coerced syncretism of Otto von Bismarck in the mid 1800s. The Lincoln-loving Germans of St. Louis, Missouri were key in the American Civil War. One in three Union troops were of German Ancestry. Currently the LCMS is divided between a majority that support the Church Growth Movement and a vocal and educated minority that supports Confessional Lutheranism.

Michelle Bachmann was until recently was a member of the WELS. WELS is the closest Lutheran Church to non–denominational Evangelical Christianity. The Daily Kos used the WELS quote of Martin Luther on the papacy being “Anti-Christ” to drive Michelle Bachmann out of the WELS. Michelle Bachmann cited some of her close relatives that are Roman Catholics. As a young girl in WELS, Michelle Bachmann had experience living in a Kibbutz in Israel.

But I am a sedevacantist Traditional Catholic that believes in the teaching of the St. Benedict Center of Richmond, New Hampshire with hope for 1 Billion living souls plus all those who convert before their final hour in the vineyard.

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2 Responses to Bachmann & WELS ( Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod)

  1. Terri says:

    Literally, or figuratively? Referencing Michelle’s early childhood experience .

  2. nilewatch says:

    She literally lived on a kibbutz for a short visit.

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