June 28 St. Ignatius of Antioch, Vigil of SS Peter and Paul

Antioch was the first city in world history to become Christian in southern Asia Minor. The word “Catholic” may have been originated with St. Ignatius of Antioch. Some claim a lion in the arena refused to eat St. Ignatius after he helped the lion with a splinter. A strong proto-Talmudic community existed in Antioch which prospered in trade and exerted influence to plot against the Church when it was but a seedling.

St. Peter is the first Pope crucified upside down and repented of denying Jesus 3 times. St. Paul was the greatest evangelizer, second only to Christ. His epistles are favored by many false religion Protestants who read into Romans a faith without works which is false and contradicts Paul himself and the Epistle of St. James. St. Paul was a son of Asia Minor, modern day Turkey, of the tribe of Benjamin, full brother of Old Testament Joseph and a student of Rabbi Gamaliel. He persecuted protomartyr St. Stephen and converted on the road to Damascus after being knocked off his horse and blinded by God.

Saint Ignatius / Ignacio ora pro nobis Deum
Sancte Pedro y Paulo, orate pro nobis Deum
Saint Paul, pray for the conversion of the Alawites of Damascus


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