Dialogue with Trypho Tantaros (fiction)

St. Justin Martyr, author of “Dialogue with Trypho”, ora pro nobis Deum.

Imagine a monk on Mt Athos named Trypho Tantaros, who believes the Orthodox Church is the only unchanged church.

Don Rocco of Latium – You say Orthodoxy is unchanged. You have changed on divorce, contraception, and the primacy of the See of St. Peter. St. Basil of Caeserea and St. John Chrysostom both appealed to the Bishop of Rome. All the sees of the ancient Church fell into heresy, prior to Vatican II ushering in of the abomination of desolation. Nestorious was Patriarch of Constantinople. Freemasonry found its way to the top of Constantinople. The Battle of Manzikert and loss of Asia Minor was Divine punishment for the Great Schism of 1054.

Trypho Tantaros- But you have Vatican II and the fruits are sodomites and child molesters.

Don Rocco of Latium- Our Lady of LaSalette, France predicted in 1846 “Rome would lose the faith and become the seat of the AntiChrist.” Christ warned by their fruit, ye shall know them. Everyone knows the fruits of Vatican II are wicked abusers of children. One must hold the Pre-Vatican II faith for salvation.

Trypho Tantaros- My dear late father abounded in naturalistic goodness.

Don Rocco of Latium – Natural goodness is insufficient for salvation. One must abound in supernatural goodness, like the Monks of Mt Athos, who pray without ceasing, minus the heresies denying the Filioque, denying Purgatory, denying Vatican I, denying the Immaculate Conception, the Title of Our Lady of Lourdes. What is the Lourdes of the Orthodox? There is none. God is not with them. The fewness of the Saved must be preached in the present day. Christ warned “When the Son of Man returns, will he find the faith?” St. Paul warned if an angel from Heaven gives you a new Gospel, do not follow it and said hold on to all of your traditions. Vatican II was the diabolical deception of Catholicism and ecumenism which rejects the return to the True Faith is Anti-Christ. Blue Mosque worshipper Ratzinger the infiltrator has said repeatedly he rejects the ecumenism of the return. Hence, he is either a liar or a heretic. Vatican II is a new faux gospel that rejects the dogma of Extra Ecclesium Nulla Salus.

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