Knights Templar – Catholics to Freemasons

The Knights Templars went from devout Catholic crusaders to Satanic and homosexual in the Fourteenth Century. King Phillip the Fair of France, (fair-skinned) a close ally of Pope Clement V and grandson of St. Louis, King Louis IX of France, prosecuted the Knights Templars for Satanism and sodomy and confiscated their treasury. Most historians wrongly see it as a cynical ploy, but there is nothing substantial to back up their conspiracy theory. Satanism and sodomy are part and parcel of the current Vatican II sect, so why not the Knights Templars as well?

Saint Louis, ora pro nobis Deum and for the clearing of the good name of your grandson King Phillip the Fair.

Pope St Celestine the monk, ora pro nobis. Pope St Celestine was cruelly treated by his successor upon resignation as Bishop of Rome and Supreme Pontiff. His justice came from Phillip the Fair.

Please read the commentary at on the 43rd Anniversary of Humanae Vitae of Antipope Paul VI. Warning: The author is not sufficiently vigorous on the dogma of Extra Ecclesium Nulla Salus. See


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