Hope of Quebec is dead at age 61

Toronto politician Jack Layton whose NDP saw recent great growth in neighboring Quebec province died unexpectedly, the CBC has reported.

He was an advocate of social justice in the face of growing Manchester style Austrian economics.

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Tripoli has fallen

President Barack Obama and French leader Nicholas Sarkosy should get a short-term boost from the Libyan rebels taking over Tripoli.What kind of government emerges from the Bengazi tribes will determine if there is a long term victory of Western interests.

The United States needs to prioritize and figure out its essential interests to avoid being spread too thin globally. Kudos to US Special Forces on the ground in Libya. Justice for Pan Am 103 and Syracuse University may finally arrive.

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August 21, 2011 Libyan rebels march on Tripoli

Israel prefers Kadaffy to the Jihadist Salafists to the east. The African population is also threatened by the tribes based in Bengazi. Kadaffy has a stockpile of scud missiles and he is unlikely to go down without a fight. How the rebels are now able to threaten Tripoli is a credit to the CIA and American Special Forces.

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Rachel Corrie Street in Tehran

The Jewish News of Northern California reports that Tehran will name a street after the Washington state twenty-something Rachel Corrie that was killed by an Israeli bulldozer, when she tried to block it from bulldozing a Palestinian house.

Michael Moore dedicated one of his books to the bravery of Rachel Corrie.

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Hey Bachmann, Hands off Syria

The Alawite regime of the Assads keeps the Christians safe and only pretends to be a foe of Israel. The lectures are getting trite and light. If the regime in DC was tottering, what do you think would be the response of the federal government? Stop the hypocrisy.

No jihadist government with American aid, please.

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Crown Heights, 20 years ago

A young African-American boy was struck by a car driven by an Orthodox Jewish man and it lead to two days of riots and the beginning of the end for Mayor David Dinkins. An Orthodox Jewish man from Australia was later stabbed to death.

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Chipolte pork vegetarian (sic)

As a traditional Catholic, I avoid meat on Fridays and sometimes ordered vegetarian burritos with pinto beans. It turns out the pinto beans have pork content. Jews, Muslims, Orthodox Christians Hindus and Rad Trad Catholics all have a problem with this.

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Top stocks August 17, 2011

Sprint Nextel with the only unlimited data plan among the big four players is rocketing upward in the stock market. Alabama getaway, getaway; Regions Financial is doing great in Birmingham where they love the governor. Hippies hate water (Mucky Pup), but love organic; Whole Foods is doing well and supports a fair approach on the Israeli – Palestinian question.

Best currencies
1. Aussie dollar
2. kiwi
3. Swedish Krona
4. Norwegian Krone
5. Canadian dollar.

17 is the biblical number of perfection. Have a great day.

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Aug 22 Muslim woman murdered in Boonton, N.J.

A Pakistani Muslim mother, Nashish Noorani, was shot and killed while pushing a baby stroller in quiet, suburban Boonton, Morris County, New Jersey. The husband was also shot, but survived. Morris County Prosecutor Bianchi has tied it to the husband and female friend.

Best day for nilewatch since July 11th, Thanks!

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PKK kills 8 Turkish troops

The Kurds are the world’s largest ethnic group without national sovereignty. Due to Turkey being a key Muslim NATO ally, the US has been cool on the Cyprus issue and Kurdish independence. Militants who want national sovereignty for Puerto Rico are often given long prison sentences by US District Court in Boston. The casualties were reported by the BBC. The Jerusalem Post’s Caroline Glick has called for arming the Kurds of Syria, as Turkey turns anti-Israel.

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