Exelon nuclear plants unaffected by quakes

Fox local news on the East Coast reports no damage to nuclear reactors. Exelon by means of NASDAQ has reported unusual activity as its four Mid-Atlantic nuclear reactors.

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Delmarva, Delaware Valley shaken

I saw people coming out of a Mid- Atlantic mall as I pulled into the parking lot . No injuries.

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New sedevacantist seminary in Fairfield, Ohio

Father Markus Ramolla has announced plans to start a new sedevacantist traditional Roman Catholic seminary in Fairfield, Ohio. Hopefully, they will be more rigorous on extra ecclesium nulla salus than the CMRI or the SSPV. It will be called Saint Athanasius Seminary.

Saint Athanasius of Alexandria, Egypt ” We have the faith, let them have the buildings.” Vatican II has created a hollow shell.

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Hope of Quebec is dead at age 61

Toronto politician Jack Layton whose NDP saw recent great growth in neighboring Quebec province died unexpectedly, the CBC has reported.

He was an advocate of social justice in the face of growing Manchester style Austrian economics.

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Tripoli has fallen

President Barack Obama and French leader Nicholas Sarkosy should get a short-term boost from the Libyan rebels taking over Tripoli.What kind of government emerges from the Bengazi tribes will determine if there is a long term victory of Western interests.

The United States needs to prioritize and figure out its essential interests to avoid being spread too thin globally. Kudos to US Special Forces on the ground in Libya. Justice for Pan Am 103 and Syracuse University may finally arrive.

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August 21, 2011 Libyan rebels march on Tripoli

Israel prefers Kadaffy to the Jihadist Salafists to the east. The African population is also threatened by the tribes based in Bengazi. Kadaffy has a stockpile of scud missiles and he is unlikely to go down without a fight. How the rebels are now able to threaten Tripoli is a credit to the CIA and American Special Forces.

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Rachel Corrie Street in Tehran

The Jewish News of Northern California reports that Tehran will name a street after the Washington state twenty-something Rachel Corrie that was killed by an Israeli bulldozer, when she tried to block it from bulldozing a Palestinian house.

Michael Moore dedicated one of his books to the bravery of Rachel Corrie.

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