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Saleh of Yemen unrecognizable

President Saleh of Yemen was so seriously injured in a terrorist attack, that he has been rendered unrecognizable. His normally tan brown skin has been burnt black. His health should prevent him from ruling Yemen. Advertisements

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June 5 News – Saleh injured in Sanaa bombing in Yemen

In the words of W.Pat Lang, Yemen is like a scene from the film “The Wild Bunch.” Yemen is the poorest Arab nation. It is small, overcrowded and lacks oil. They hate their sparcely populated extremely wealthy neighbor Saudi Arabia. … Continue reading

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San Francisco 8 year old given Botox

The story of the 8 year old girl given botox is available at http://www.debbieschlussel.com or debbiedoespolitics. Two Czechs were spying for NATO, they do not like the new Pro-Russia diplomacy of the current Ukrainian government. Libyan spokesman – Qaddafi injury … Continue reading

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Tanks blitzkrieg Deraa, Syria

April 25, 2011 St. Mark’s Day 1. Ezra and Deraa, Syria, 25 dead, border shut. 2. The two Syrian Members of Parliament that represent Darra/Deraa have agreed to resign in protest of killings. Being on the Jordanian border Derra has … Continue reading

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